Street Photography By William Murphy

Dublin’s first telephone kiosk was installed in May of 1925, next to the Henry Grattan statue on College Green. One contemporary newspaper report noted that Stockholm had in excess of 500 such public telephones at the time. According to some sources the first phone kiosk was located in Dawson Street and unfortunately I cannot establish which claim is true.

The kiosks were concrete, similar to those in use in the UK at the time and were available to use at all times.

The last fashioned phonebox was located in Dawson Street. I say “was” because it is now longer there … I am hoping that it will return one the major roadworks have been completed.

I have been advised by a reader of my blog that this is a K1 or a close copy of a K1. The first standard public telephone kiosk introduced by the United Kingdom Post Office was produced in concrete in 1920 and was designated K1 (Kiosk No.1). This design was not of the same family as the familiar red telephone boxes. Very few remarkable examples remain. One shining example is located in Trinity market in Kingston-upon-Hull where it is still in use today.