Street Photography By William Murphy


Many years ago I established the ‘
Streets Of Dublin Project’ with the intention of publishing photographs relating to the city of Dublin. Right from the beginning this was intended to be a big project requiring much time, effort and resources but much to my surprise I had very much underestimated the actual scale of the project and the problems that I would encounter along the way. At this stage discussing the problems does not really serve any purpose so let’s discuss the future.

The project is now being expanded to include all of Ireland and a new domain has been established
The Streets Of Ireland and is hosted by a premium web hosting service. Currently the Streets Of Dublin site is not being updated on a regular basis as the hosting service has proven to be unreliable. The home site is a Wordpress site but all the mini-sites such as this one have been created using Rapidweaver 6. If you are wondering why i use anything other than Wordpress the answer is not simple but in general my experience is that if a Wordpress site attracts real traffic I constantly receive notices from the hosting service informing me that I am am in breach of their Terms & Conditions and in many cases I have had my account suspended.

It is my intention to pay extended visits to the following cities during 2015: Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Wexford. I also hope to visit a large number of towns and villages throughout to Island of Ireland during the year. All going well, I hope to very much extend the travel programme in 2016.

Over the years I have used both Rapidweaver and Sandvox and in general I preferred Sandvox but neither tool met my requirements and both imposed many limitations. I have always found Rapidweaver to be unstable and in many cases I lost complete sites that had taken months to develop however the most recent version of Rapidweaver 6 appears to be what I require so I am now considering the possibility of totally switching to RW6 but I will not be surprised if I have to change my plans.

Already more than 101,000 photographs have been published and it expected that this will increase at a rate of about 2,000 per month during 2015. In general all photographs are available free of charge and in order to make it easy for people to access the catalog all photographs are available to download via Flickr. Almost every day I receive requests for high resolution versions of my photographs so I would like to take this opportunity to mention that all the photographs that I make available via Flickr may be regarded as high resolution by any printing company that you are likely to engage. If you do encounter problems downloading from Flickr please email me [but please supply a link to the specific photograph that you require] and I will do my best to assist.

Starting this year all my new photographs will use a standard ID. Example “
STREET ART IN DUBLIN [JAN 2015] REF-101258” the ID being REF-101258. If you quote the ID I should be able to provide a download link.

Over the last eight years I have spent a lot on purchasing photographic equipment and my most expensive purchase was a Canon 1Ds, I already had a Canon 5D and to be honest I did not gain much by upgrading. I really liked the 1Ds but it was not really suitable for street photography so I experimented with a number of smaller cameras and eventually found one that was ideal and it should not surprise you to learn that it was a Sony NEX-7.

I now use the NEX-7 99% of the time and unfortunately it has almost come tho the end of its life. I am now looking for a replacement and had considered the possibility of getting a Sony Alpha A7R but I could not afford to purchase the body plus a set of suitable lenses. Just before Christmas 2014 Sony introduced the Alpha A7 MK2 and according to all reports it is more suitable for street photography than the A7R but at this stage the retail price for the A7 MK2 is higher than the cost of the A7R so the lacks of cash is still a problem. It is rumoured that there is an upgrade for the NEX-7 on the way and it will be marketed as the A7000, because this will not require a new set of full-frame lenses this may be what suits me. There is however another possible option, apparently it is expected that Sony will introduce a professional camera known as the A9 but it will be expensive but maybe I will have the funds in 2016 to purchase one.

As the project has proved to be very expensive, mainly because of hosting, costs it is necessary for me to raise some funds through advertising so I have had no option but to include advertisements from Google and Amazon. I should mention I purchase most of my hardware requirements from either Amazon in Germany or Amazon in the UK and all my books and music requirements from Amazon in Canada or Amazon in the US.





Dublin is situated at the mouth of the River Liffey and encompasses a land area of approximately 44 sq mi, or 115 km2, in east-central Ireland. It is bordered by a low mountain range to the south and surrounded by flat farmland to the north and west. The Liffey divides the city in two between the Northside and the Southside. Each of these is further divided by two lesser rivers – the River Tolka running southeast into Dubin Bay, and the River Dodder running northeast to the mouth of the Liffey. Two further water bodies – the Grand Canal on the Southside and the Royal Canal on the Northside – ring the inner city on their way from the west and the River Shannon.

River Liffey bends at Leixlip from a northeasterly route to a predominantly eastward direction, and this point also marks the transition to urban development from more agricultural land usage.